Stainless steel

We machine all types of Stainless steels from diameter 1 to 32 mm for different sectors such as Medical, Food, Chemical and Shipbuilding and nautical Industries.

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Our products

303/303 K X8CrNiS18.9 / X6CrNiCuS18.9.2 round and hexa
303/303 L X5CrNi18.10/X2CrNi18.9 round, hexa, square
316L/316LK X2CrNiMo17.12.2 round, hexa, square
316Ti X6CrNiMoTi17.12.2 round
430F X6CrMoS17 or X14CrMoS17 round
431 X17CrNi16.2 round
Z100CD17 X105CrMo17 round
Z20C13 X20Cr13 round
Z30C13 X30Cr13 round
Stainless 80 1.4057 / Aisi 431 round