Copper- Bronze

We machine all types of copper alloys from diameter 1 to 32 mm for different sectors such as Electronics, Electric Industry and Aeronautics.

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Our products

CuA1 Cu-ETP round
CuB1 Cu-DHP round, tubes
CuB2 Cu-DLP round
CuC1 Cu-OF round
CuC2 Cu-OFE round
STM 25 Ube2 round
Bronze 3444 CuSn4Pb4Zn4 round
Niclal 1300 CuNi13Zn23Pb1 round
Niclal 1800 CuNi18Z19Pb1 round
Arcap AP1D CuNi25Zn11 round, hexa and square
Arcap AP1C CuNi26Zn17 round
UE9P CuSn8p ronds and hexa
UE7 CuSn7ZnPb round
UE12 CuSn12 round
CuSn10Pb10 round