We machine all types of Aluminium for different sectors such as Medical, Cycles, Sports and Leisure, Mountain, Aeronautics.

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Our products

1050A A199.5 round (on request)
2011 AlCu6BiPb round and hexa
2017 AlCu4MgSi round, hexa, square, flat, sheet metal, tube
2024 norme air AlCu4Mg1 round
2030 AlCu4PbMg round, hexa, square
5083 AlMg4,5Mn round, sheet metal
5086 AlMg4 round
5754 AlMg3 round and tube
6060 AlMgSi round, flat, square and tube
6262 AlMgSiPb round (hexa on request)
6064 round (hexa on request)
7075 AlZn5,5MgCu round